Equipaws Pets Shares: Another Happy Pet Testimonial!

“I can’t say enough good things about Flavia and her team. They have taken care of our 6 kitties many times for a year now, and am very grateful for their services. I could tell from the initial consultation, I chose the right company. They keep an online file that includes everything they need to know about your pet and the house, and it can be updated anytime.

They have a check list for each day so they don’t forget anytyhing. Then, they write a detailed explanation about the visit, such as kitty behavior, taking out the trash, when the lawn people were visiting, etc.

One of my cats needs medicine twice a day but was not around during the evening feeding. Flavia came back to my house and stayed until after 11:00 PM, waiting for my cat to return so she could give him his medicine.

Before Equipaws starting taking care of my kitties, I would have various people look after them. One or two would disappear for days at a time. They seemed angry and withdrawn when we returned home. Now, I don’t notice any change in their behavior, and they don’t disappear.

This is a company you can trust to take care of your pets and your house!”

Michelle M., from Yelp.com

Dog Sitters and Runners Help Keep Your Dogs Fit!

Our Miami-based dog sitters have Memorial Day penciled in as the beginning of summer fun, pet sits, and sharp rises in heat, which can be unbearable for humans. Imagine how that feels for dogs, who are covered in fur! As your dogs’ caretakers, we are responsible for keeping them safe during walks and runs in the coming summer months. We want to take a moment to talk about how we care for your pets in the heat, and hopefully help you keep your dogs cool when you take them out with you. Read on to learn about how to keep your dog cool in Miami while enjoying our beautiful outdoors. Remember, May is National Fitness Month. We want to help both you and your dog kick start your exercise routines!

Dog Runs and Dog Walks for All!

We firmly believe that dogs need daily exercise. They were bred to work with us for a living, despite what most of them seem to do these days (hello, snuggly couch potatoes). They need to be doing something constructive or else they get bored. Most pet parents don’t have the time to set up daily fun projects or to take their dogs on walks during lunch time, leaving their social dogs bored and alone. That’s where dog sitters and runners help.

Dog Sitters and Dog Runners to the Rescue!

We love giving your dogs their well-deserved exercise breaks! Our pet sitters keep on top of your dogs’ well-being at all times, but ESPECIALLY when partaking in strenuous physical activity like brisk walks and runs in the Miami summer months. Here are some tips we swear by when giving your pups great exercise.

  • We always establish that your dog is in good physical condition before starting their fun new exercise routine. We heartily recommend a physical with your veterinarian before Day 1.
  • All dog exercise starts of slowly with us. First we walk your pooch, then we progress to interval training where we alternate walking and running. Finally, we graduate to full on jogs or runs, depending on your dog’s needs. Some dogs don’t do well with full runs, others need to spring for minutes at a time. This is a customizeable schedule!
  • We try our best not to exercise dogs heavily before feeding time, and we absolutely avoid heavy exercise after feeding time. Either instance could cause digestive problems. Water is given before and after.
  • We constantly check weather conditions and we will not run a dog outside if it’s over 90 degrees. On less than cool days, our dog runners find a shady route and spray dogs down with water. We keep dog running to parts of the day that are less sunny. Long-haired dogs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Because heatstroke is a real threat in Miami, and because it can set in very quickly, we focus on prevention by following the above procedures. Our dog runners and sitters are trained to keep a sharp eye out in our hot humid weather, and to recognize the signs of heatstroke. Please learn them; it is of the utmost importance to act quickly when you see the following symptoms:

  1. Heavy Panting
  2. Difficulty breathing
  3. Bright red tongue and mucous membranes
  4. Thick saliva and vomiting
  5. Dog becomes unsteady and has bloody diarrhea.

With proper care and prevention, your dog should never experience heatstroke. Once shock sets in, your dog’s lips and mucous membranes turn gray. This is often followed by collapse, seizure, coma, and death.

Follow our tips, your veterinarian’s advice, and exercise caution- and exercise will benefit everyone!

Sources: http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/heat-stroke-dehydration-dogs

Do Dogs, Pet Sitters, and Yoga Mix? Heck Yes!

Join Miami’s Pet Sitters and their Dogs for DOGA!

We are always looking to expand our dog clients’ playtime horizons in Miami. That’s where dogs, pet sitters, and yoga come in! We invite you to join us for DOGA this Saturday, May 11, at Corpo Yoga Studio in South Miami for an afternoon session of calming yoga. What is DOGA, you ask? It’s your dog + yoga, a fun way to enhance our canine-human bond while practicing yoga.

We are happy to have joined forces with the lovely Corpo Yoga Studio and Miami Pet Concierge to put on this great event for Miami’s dogs from 1:30 to 2:30. In addition to being a great way to practice your downward dog, all of the proceeds will be donated to the United Yorkie Rescue in Miami, FL. The minimum suggested donation is $10; you may certainly donate more! The United Yorkie Rescue works tirelessly to save, foster, and adopt out Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkshire Terrier mixes in South Florida. They’ve taken in almost 70 dogs in 2013 so far, which is wonderful, but also means they need funds to continue caring for these beautiful little dogs.

If you’re interested, please call 305.670.2010 to register or register online at Corpo Yoga Studio’s website.  Free parking is available for this event, so please come! There will also be photo opportunities for you and your sporty dog, thanks to Natali Robert, fabulous photographer and owner of Nati Foto. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes early for a short pack walk so your furkids can eliminate and get to know each other.

The details:

  • This is for adults only.
  • It’s limited to one dog per person.
  • Please bring your own mat.
  • Your dog must be friendly with other dogs and be comfortable in close surroundings with other dogs.
  • Please check with your veterinarian before you practice Doga to be sure your pet is healthy enough for the activity.
  • All dogs must be up to date on their vaccines and provide proof of Rabies.
  • We really look forward to seeing all of you there. Make sure to call Corpo Yoga to sign up, and thank you!

Beautiful downward dog pose by Piddleville.

Event flyer: