10 Tips for a Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day

We try to act like every day is Earth Day at Equipaws Pet Services! We purchase recycled paper for our paper products, buy biodegradable doggy poop bags, carry reusable water bottles with us wherever we go when we remember, but we feel like we need a few reminders to get us back on track. How can we help conserve our resources for our children, grandchildren, pups, and grandpups and cats? We’ve compiled a list of easy ways to help save the planet for your quick reading pleasure!

1. Pick up your dog poop! You will be curbing pollution on a local level, avoiding transmission of disease, and keeping your neighborhood beautiful.

2. Turn off your computer at night. Turning it off instead of putting it into sleep mode saves 40 watt hours per day, which is to say, around $14 a year.

3. Only do laundry with a full load, and use the cold or warm setting instead of the hot setting. If we all did that, we’d save 100,000 barrels of oil a year.

4. Use native plants in your garden instead of thirsty exotics. Not only will you reduce your water consumption, but these plants will be support for our native species of insects and birds. Our favorite is the saw palmetto; its blooms are irresistible to bees! Check out PlantANT.com for an online nursery and wholesale registry.

5. Stop with the bottled water. Buy a reusable container and prevent one of the most ubiquitous forms of litter! 90% of water bottles are not recycled- imagine how helpful it would be to reduce that load on the environment!

6. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. There’s no need to keep that faucet flowing while you brush those pearly whites.

7. Reduce your shower time! Cutting down shower time by two (2!) minutes can save ten gallons of water per shower.

8. Be meat-free once a week. Vegetarian cuisine is less arguably less taxing on the planet to produce in general. Throw a pasta and pizza party, go eat Indian food, or make  like a rabbit and eat your greens one night a week!

9. Switch to reusable bags. Plastic bags are not biodegradable. Let’s hope we all switch over to reusable, sturdy bags. Wholefoods has them for sale at their counters.

10. Go electronic. Stop your paper bank and credit card, cancel your phone book and paper newspaper (there is so much more to read online, anyway!), and reduce your junkmail.

That’s it- quick, simple ways to improve everyone’s chances of survival on this beautiful, blue dot. One last one: recycle your glass and aluminum!

It’s Pet First Aid Awareness Month!

Do your pet sitters know pet first aid?

April is Pet First Aid Awareness month, a very important way to promote education and training to become a caring, responsible pet parent and pet care professional!  We at Equipaws are proud to be trained in Pet Tech Pet CPR and First Aid’s thorough course and are committed to Pet Tech’s theme for this year: “Inform, Educate, Take Action, AND…Prevent 1 Million Pet ER Visits.”

We strongly believe in prevention; being a prepared pet parents means being proactive in your pet’s health. This includes feeding them the right foods, giving them regular dental and medical care, providing safe outlets for play and appropriate exercise routines, training, socializing, and being trained in pet CPR and first aid.

Cat sitterse  Miami

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being prepared with the skills and knowledge to eliminate preventable accidents is very important. We have many blog posts about basic first aid and prevention available to you, from:

Knowing how to perform proper pet CPR and other first aid measures can be the difference between life and death and temporary and permanent disability. Our pet sitters are all trained in Pet Tech’s protocols for pet first aid and CPR, so you can rest easy while your pets are in our care! We look forward to sharing what we’ve learned through years of caring for pets and what we’ve learned from our training and continuing education.

Join Us at the Dog-Friendly RUN FUR FUN 5K!

dog friendly Miami Equipaws Pet ServicesWondering how you can raise money for homeless dogs in Miami while having fun with your pup? Wonder no more! You can join us for the second annual Paws 4 You Run Fur Fun 5K on  April 26! This is a great rain-or-shine fundraiser in which you can walk/run one mile with your dog for fun, or take part in an officially-timed race on a certified course. For those who wish they had a dog but don’t, there will be plenty of willing doggy volunteers from the Rent-a-Dog Booth! We’re excited to be a Top Dog Sponsor for the second year in a row, and hope you visit our booth before and after your run! Each participant will receive food, refreshments, a drawstring backpack with a T-shirt and bandanna, and a medal while supplies last, so be sure to register early online!

How to Enjoy the RUN FUR FUN:
There is of course the run or walk, starting at 4 p.m., but there are also many pet-friendly vendors, food trucks, and adoptable dogs about, as well! We are thrilled that Paws 4 You alum, Lucy, convinced her dad, Dave Barry, to MC the event. We take care of this special pup and know first-hand what a huge heart and giving spirit she has. Thanks for pulling through, Lucy and Dave! Who else is joining? Lots of pet care professionals, like our friends at Applause Your Paws, Fuji and Friends, Smiley Pet Stop, and Pet’s Best! We’re looking forward to Kona Ice Food Truck and and Mr. PB&J food truck.

Last year’s 5k was a lot of fun! The pups all cooled down in big plastic kiddie pools, treats were dispensed, new friends were made, and pups found new homes.  It’s a great event for family and friends, for building community, and for raising awareness for the strays in Miami-Dade County! We’ll see you there!

When: Sunday, April 26, 2015
Registration begins at 2:00pm
5K timed run/walk begins at 4:00pm
1-mile fun run/walk begins at 4:15pm
Celebration to follow!

Killian Greens Golf Club
9980 SW 104th Street
Miami, FL 33176

REGISTER: Advance registration is $25 for adults and $15 for children ages 3 to 12 ($35/$25 on-site). Each participant will receive a drawstring backpack with a T-shirt and bandana while supplies last.

Would you like to sponsor the RUN FUR FUN? Sponsoring saves lives while promoting your business! There are sponsorship levels for every budget. Please visit Paws 4 You for more information on sponsoring, rules for dogs, and stroller use (yes, you may run with your stroller!) and other details.  See you soon!
Watch last year’s festivities: