Running Races in Miami 2016

running races in Miami

Top Running Races in Miami

In honor of the Equipaws Motto “Fit, Happy, Healthy” and the New Year we are kicking off the season sharing the top five running races in Miami. The wonderful thing about Miami is you walk out to paradise everyday of the year and have no excuse not to get outside and get moving. Although our furry friends can’t join us on the race day, they can always encourage and help you train (not to worry, they have their own Paws4You Run Fur Fun in April)! So get outside, get moving and get involved.  The following races support an incredible cause and offer a running experience that is anything but ordinary.

Miami Marathon
When: January 24th, 2016
Where: Downtown Miami
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The Miami Marathon is the largest race in the South Florida region where thousands of participants have come over the past 13 years to race for a cause.  You can participate in the Fun Run, 5K, 10K, half marathon or the full.  The course begins at American Airlines arena and brings you over the McArthur Causeway and continuing through the chaotic streets of Miami Beach, then looping you back through downtown.  The full marathon runners will continue down Brickell Ave and all participants end for a fun festival in Bayfront Park.  The celebration is complete with refreshments, food and music.  Over the past decade the Miami Marathon has helped raise several million dollars for various charities.  When registering you have a variety of charities you can choose to support.  What an incredible way to support a cause while getting a full tour of the city of Miami. 

Congratulations to Benazzouz Slimani and Allison Kieffer for winning first place in their respective categories this year! Runners can already sign up for the 2017 Miami Marathon, so be sure to take advantage of the lower prices!

Run2Wyn 5k
Where: Wynwood Art District
When: February 21st, 2016
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Join the inaugural Run2Wyn 5k Charity Run!  Get an up close and personal tour of the Art District of Miami.  The streets and walls are filled with painted, sprayed, and tagged murals from artists from all over the world. This race supports the RAW Project, which stands for Re-Imagining the Arts of Wynwood.  A Foundation with a goal of donating $500,000 to the Jose de Diego middle school, a school which helps children and families of low income housing receive an education.  The fundamentals of art and creative go a long way in children’s development.  A beautiful run with a caring cause!

Live Like Bella Superhero 5K
When: March 5th, 2016
Where: Miami Zoo!
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The Live Like Bella 5K is returning for the 2nd year!  Band together to fight pediatric cancer: summon your inner super power, bring a cape or mask and run as your favorite Superhero through the zoo!  An idea that allows your silly side to come out and support the true superheroes, kids living with cancer.  Bring the family for a day in a beautiful setting full of activities, food, refreshments and music.  Participants also receive free entry to Zoo Miami for the rest of the day.  An unforgettable experience for an incredible cause! #LiveLikeBella while running races in Miami!

Down2earth Trail Run
When: April 24th, 2016
Where: Oleta River State Park
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This race is open to the whole community and offers a very scenic route through the Gilligan’s Island Trail at the beautiful Oleta River State Park.  This run is for a personal cause. Run with a friend or family member through the pine-covered floor and forest of South Florida.  Many of us have fast-paced lives and never stop to breathe in the fresh air and take a little time to enjoy the view.  Spend the rest of the day taking advantage of the beach or water sports, such as kayaking or paddle boarding. (Pro tip: Bring your bug spray!)

Color Fun Fest
When: May 2nd, 2016
Where: Sun Life Stadium
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Get ready to get colorful!  Head to Sun Life Stadium and prepare to be blasted with colored powder while running to electronic dance music! This race is for anyone and everyone, young and old, who love to have fun, be active and support a charitable cause.  This race is supporting Free Arts for Abused Children, a nonprofit organization that gives children that have suffered adversity a chance to express themselves through art. Bringing arts and crafts donations for the kids is encouraged! A second organization involved with this event is called Hope Kids, an institution that helps the families of children with life-threatening medical conditions find hope and enjoy life with a loving and supportive community of compassionate people. Bring smiles to both foundations and come run to support the cause!

Many of the events offer several races such as 5K, 10K, half or full marathon.  We hope you can participate in these worthwhile running races in Miami.  Our team at Equipaws will be supporting and attending several (our pet sitter Meghan just completed the half-marathon at the Miami Marathon- congratulations!). Good Luck and get moving!


Change a Pet’s Life Day

Change a pet's life day

Change a Pet’s Life Day

January 24th is Change a Pet’s Life Day!  This special day was created to help animal adoption and spread knowledge on animal welfare. For pet owners and pet lovers a like, you can change a pet’s life in many different ways! You can:

  • Try volunteering at a local shelter like the Humane Society of Greater Miami or Paws4You, send a charitable donation or donate much needed pet supplies.  
  • If you’re more invested, become a foster pet parent or adopt a pet of your own.
  • If you already have a pet, treat them to a new obedience class or take them on a field trip to a new park.  Any action big or small can change an animal’s life and it just may change yours.

Meghan also shares a personal story that may encourage you to take action this January and change a pet’s life. “Growing up on a farm there was never a dull moment. New animals showing up on our doorstep, pet injuries to tend, vet visits, losses and new life, hence Neverdull Farm being born. Any animal who needed a home was welcome.  We began as a typical rural household with our beloved goldens and a few barn cats. A childhood 4H project turned into 6 goats and a small cattle business.  The menagerie expanded with a famous pig, a goat, and a very special golden retriever.  The tales continued with two donkeys, roosters, and too many cats to count.  We never meant to become a sanctuary for abandoned pets, but animals seemed to find us. When thinking of Changing a Pet’s Life Day, one particular story stood out in my mind.  

One day a huge, light colored golden by the name of Shadow was dropped off by a family friend. Mom was always bringing animals who needed a “foster” home to the farm knowing we most likely would keep them. She said don’t get attached, we have him for a month at most.  Shadow seemed to always have a goofy grin spread across his face. He had a dopey way about him and bounded around like a silly giant dog.  Soon after, we couldn’t resist his loving personality and Shadow became part of our family.  We would end up saving his life in more ways than one.

Our two other goldens, Sheila and Mya, were well behaved, sweet and obedient girls who would go outside to do their business and come back.  One bitter Michigan evening, all three dogs did not come back and were nowhere to be found when calling their name out of the back door.  In a panic, Mom and I went tearing around our property in the truck in search of any signs of life.  We came across our pond and in the headlights we saw two shiny eyes of Shadow who had fallen through the ice and was clinging on with his paws struggling to stay afloat.  In my mind Sheila and Mya were under the ice and I wasn’t going to lose Shadow too.  

Before I knew what my body was doing I tore out over the ice after him, falling through the ice myself but making my way through the icy muck and cattails of the pond.  Adrenaline was keeping my limbs moving in the below-freezing temperature of the water.  My mom was watching terrified from the bank, now screaming as I’m sure she was afraid to lose both of us.  I dragged the 125 pound oaf out close enough to shore where he could walk.  Teeth chattering and alive I hugged him all the way home.  Sheila and Mya were at the back door step waiting for us.  

Shadow seemed to have another chance at life, but not for long.  Soon after he decided to have an affinity for chasing loud trucks and tractors.  I couldn’t tell you why that was so attractive to him.  He was ran over by a truck and later a livestock trailer.  This caused him hip problems, but was somehow able to live a normal life.  Being hit twice and living to bark about the tale was quite miraculous- someone up there wanted him to live or he had 9 lives.  

He was a dog pure of heart, always at your feet or sitting by your side if you were sick or having a bad day.  He was there through boyfriend break ups, the wins and losses of my ongoing team sports, vacation trips to the beach or accompanying me to the park. No matter what the circumstance he always carried his goofy grin that seemed to be contagious.  Who would’ve known a happenstance adoption would create lifelong family memories?  Don’t be afraid to save a pet’s life as it could change yours forever.  

I hope this story touches your heart as it does mine.  I’m so fortunate to work for Equipaws, a company who fully supports a day like this.  Working with local and national rescue groups.  Spreading our love to critters, big and small everyday. Now the question is, how will you change a pet’s life?”


Miami Pet Spotlight: Simba, a Domestic Shorthair

cat sitter Miami pet

Miami Pet Spotlight: Simba, a Domestic Shorthair

Owner: Marylynne

Winning over Shy Cats

Working for a Miami pet sitting and dog walking company, you experience your fair share of animal personalities and entertainment. Cat sitting is becoming more and more popular and recently I was lucky enough to meet a rescue cat named Simba, a domestic shorthair with a gorgeous gray tabby pattern who has curious eyes, a hesitant demeanor, and an enormous need for affection. Simba’s mother warned me he may not come out from his hiding place under the bed for the first few visits.  Sure enough, he stayed hidden for four pet sits!  I would coo sweetly at him from the other side of the bed sheets hearing his small nervous meows, but no luck.  

Finally, on the fifth visit, when I almost lost all hope, he ventured out to quickly sniff my hand. He would meow, come close for a quick pet, then walk away, rubbing on the wall or rolling on the floor.  He was flirting with me! Totally playing hard to get. Our next few days together Simba allowed me to pet him without running away and even got playful.  Just as we were becoming good friends our time together was over!  So much for progress.  I was interested to see if he would recognize me the next time.

Sure enough, weeks later I walked in and he was in the hallway waiting for me.  He looked at me with uncertain wide eyes and after a moment of hesitation he seemed to remember me. Maybe it was my scent?  I’m not sure, but he came right to my feet asking for pets.  He was getting braver by the day venturing into the kitchen and dining room, where I had never seen him go before.  His big eyes had softened and you could see he was relaxed.  His demeanor went from timid and skittish to calm and trusting.  He now runs to the door when I arrive, following me around as I do kitty chores, begging for treats and attention, which I am happy to give him! We are long time pals now!

We Learn to Be More Human around Pets

With each day and every pet, I realize how similar behavior is between animal and human.  We have common tendencies, habits, and personalities.  Very rarely do you become best friends with someone over night.  Creating a bond with someone takes time and trust.  And who hasn’t played hard to get? People are needy for attention in some form.  Also, many people only explore new territories once comfortable with the old. Simba treated me the same way you would meeting a new person for the first time, a bit guarded, but gave me a chance.  Simba is a pet dear to my heart and he has taught me, as crazy as this sounds, to treat animals as you would treat humans,with kindness, patience, and an open mind. Most likely they will respond the same way!  

What is a Domestic Shorthair (DSH)?

A domestic shorthaired cat does not belong to any one breed.  It has a long history of mixed ancestry, in other terms, the DSH is the “mutt” of the cat species. They come in all beautiful shapes, sizes and colors.

Does a DSH own you?  Here are a few tips to keep your kitty fit, healthy, and happy:

  • Spay or Neuter Is a Must!  They will be less territorial, saving you the smell and need for new furniture.  
  • Yearly Check Ups! The DSH is not purebred, which has given the breed an immune defense against hereditary diseases other cats encounter.  More commonly you will see them suffer from diabetes; cystitis, or bladder inflammation; upper respiratory ailments and hyperthyroidism.
  • Adjust Their Diet! As your cat ages, nutrition needs change as well.  Give them an age-appropriate and proportionate diet.  

These simple precautions gives your furry friend the best chance for a long loving life!

Fun Facts about Your Cat:

  • The tabby color variation is the most common DSH
  • Colors of a DSH include black, tuxedo, silver tabby, ginger, ginger and white, calico, blue, blue and white and white
  • Lifespan ranges from 10 – 15 years
  • 95% of the domestic cat population in North America is the DSH

Interested in a Domestic Shorthair of your own?  Visit your local shelters, like the Humane Society of Greater Miami, for more information.  Are you in the Miami area and in need of a Miami Pet Sitter?  Please contact us at  

Author: Meghan Hunter, Equipaws Director of Client Relations and pet sitter in Brickell