Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all! This year’s theme is Be Bold for Change, where we create a better, more gender-inclusive working world. We at Equipaws Pet Services believe in gender equality for all and are proud and lucky to employ sixteen talented women who take care of our clients with passion, commitment, and care.

Equipaws simply could not exist without our team of ladies, who in addition to being excellent pet care professionals are also daughters, mothers, biologists, students, realtors, groomers, trainers, professional gamers, and even chemists.

Thanks so much to Kira, Kristen, Vale, Leigh, Kesi, Kat, Kara, Natalie, Susan, Sam, Sophia, Nicolle, Ashley, Elaine, and our newest hires, Andrea and Marilee for your positive attitudes, your grace, intelligence, independence, and work ethic. You get things done and are a great example of how women can be great leaders, making a strong case to close the gender gap.
We appreciate you ladies, and all of our sisters and allies. #HappyInternationalWomensDay #BeBoldForChange

Happy Pet Sitters Appreciation Week!

Happy Pet Sitters Appreciation Week!

It’s the 23rd annual Professional Pet Sitters week, a time in which we celebrate our employees’ positive qualities- offering reliable, professional, loving care to our clients’ pets, being great team players, and generally excellent people. We are in our sixth year of business and our team has grown to include so many wonderful animal lovers committed to quality in this rewarding profession. While pet sitting is as fun as you’d expect (who wouldn’t love spending hours of their day playing fetch, rubbing bellies, scratching chins and wiggly butts?), Equipaws takes its pet care seriously, and so do our employees.  Our pet sitters provide reliable care, work in teams in their respective neighborhoods so they can back each other up, attend pet care training (including Pet CPR & First Aid, leash work, how to deal with dog attacks), and more.
Thanks to Kira, Kristen, Mike, Leigh, Sam, Kara, Kat, Natalie, Kesi, Jake, Susan, Nicolle, Ashley, Elaine, and Sophia for their daily hard work and service! Our company only exists because of the loving, hard work you put in every day of the week. We know that working during holidays and when you could be vacationing takes a special kind of commitment, and we certainly appreciate it. You’re rock starts and the reason we can keep providing the amazing care we do for our hundreds of clients. We love you!