Help for the Back-to-School Blues!

dogs need walks during school

Help for the Back-to-School Blues!

School is about to start in Miami, and for many pups that could mean a change in routines that may not be easy if they’re not used to being home alone. Many pet parents report an increase in their pets’ stress levels around September, which can be helped with a few precautions.

First, how do you know your pet is stressed? There are several ways your pups could communicate their discomfort, including:

  • Being clingy (or more clingy than usual)
  • Changes in appetite
  • Accidents in the home
  • Increase in destructive behavior
Pet owners can make this transition easier by making sure they exercise their pet more. Dogs get less walks and exercise when things are hectic at the beginning of the school year. Hiring one of our dog walkers or runners to take your pups out for sunshine and adventure is a great way to help your dog get used to the new routine. You can also leave fun food activities behind for your pooches- be it Kongs stuffed with treats, or a food puzzle. Make sure you dedicate some time for some quality interaction with your pups daily- be it playing fetch, practicing obedience, and cuddling.

Have you noticed that your dog gets anxious when you leave? Practice not making a big deal of coming and going if your dog is exhibiting anxiety when they hear keys and see shoes being put on. That means getting ready to go, staying outside for a few minutes, then coming back in to show them you are not leaving forever. You can extend the amount of time you spend outside with these practice departures to train them to be comfortable with you being gone.

Try these things out and let us know how your dog feels!

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