How to Schedule Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Services

We are delighted to work with you and your pets as valued clients. We intend to make your pet sitting experience with us as pleasant and easy as possible! To get started:

1. Schedule Your Complimentary In-home Consultation
Visit our Power Pet Sitter Page, a simple online scheduling software we use for your convenience, to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation with us today! You will receive our Contract Services Agreement via email after we confirm your appointment.

Click here to register as a new client and get started today!

2. Complete Welcome Packet Online and Contract Services Agreement

You will fill in all pertinent information on Power Pet Sitters online, and then you will receive an appointment confirmation. We can review it and go step by step so you know how it works.

You will also print the Contract Services Agreement, a thorough document which provides us with everything we need to know about your pets, home, and home security so we can be fully prepared to offer you the best service under every circumstance. Please have that filled out to the best of your ability so we can review it with you in detail when we meet you and your pet(s).

3. Documents, Keys and Payment

Please have the following ready for your consultation:

Documents: Along with the Contract Services Agreement, we need copies of your pet’s health records from your vet showing current immunizations. Your vet will typically fax or mail these to you. These documents are of the utmost importance to our security procedures. In the event that we need to take your pet to a different vet, we must know their medical history to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Keys: We require three sets of keys at the time of the consultation and will check both keys in the door to make sure they are working! One key will be coded and held by your pet sitter, one by the owner or back up pet sitter, and the third will be kept coded and secured in the office to be used only in the case of an emergency or lockout.

Payment: We accept Mastercard or Visa.  Appointments will not be approved without payment. For future visits, services must be paid for prior to the first scheduled service date.

Our mailing address is:
Equipaws Pet Services
13611 South Dixie Highway Suite 109/383
Miami, FL 33176

4. During Consultations

Your dog will have the opportunity to become acquainted with his or her pet sitter, and we will get to know every detail about your pup, cat, or smaller loved one. We will develop your pet’s customized pet care plan to fit your schedule and your pet’s needs. We will review the service agreement and pick up your forms, two sets of house keys, and your pet’s health records.

We will become familiar with the location of your pet’s food, your pet’s allergies, food habits, exercise preferences and other important stuff, like preferred walking routes, favorite toys and treats, or the perfect spot to scratch. You should expect the visit to take from 30 to 60 minutes.

5. Schedule Your Future Appointments on Power Petsitter

This online scheduling service allows you to schedule or make changes to your appointments 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The service allows you to fill out your pet’s profile online at your leisure with a wealth of detail.

All services must be requested through Power Petsitter or directly with our Miami office. Our pet sitters/dog walkers cannot accept changes, cancellations, or additions to services.

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