Our Favorite Miami Dog Parks

Dog-Friendly Parks:

Dogs who love playing with other well-behaved pups are in luck in Miami. We have plenty of dog-friendly parks for them to choose from, from the beach to the more residential areas in Miami. Our dog walking clients have asked us to take their pups on little excursions, and we’ve come to love several dog-friendly parks, which we list below. Give your pup a treat and take them out for a fun play date and healthy socialization!

Amelia Earhart Bark Park

The Amelia Earhart Dog Park has a separate area for small dogs, benches, exercise equipment, shade, and gardens. There are also picnic tables, human and doggie drinking fountains, poop bag dispensers, and trash cans. The bark park is open from 8am to sunset, seven days a week. Parking is free during the week, but there is a fee on weekends.

Where: 401 NE 65th St, Miami, FL, US, 33138

Tropical Park Dog Playground:

Many pet parents take their pups to this popular park. Expect a big dog and a small dog park near Applause Your Paws and Lincoln’s Beard Brewery. There is an obstacle course, a small water fountain for dogs, plenty of poop bags, and of course an off-leash area. There is a lot of dirt so expect your pups to get dirty!

Where: 7900 SW 40th ST, Miami FL 33155

Chapman Field Dog Park

This beautiful nine-acre dog park can be found between Deering Estate and Matheson Hammock. The dog park runs from the entrance at the canoe launch to the open-field area within the turn-around at the eastern edge of the property. This park also had poop bag dispensers. Perfect place for residents living in the south of South Florida.

Where: 13600 SW Guadalajara Street Miami, FL 331M

Blanche Dog Park

Coconut Grove doggies love Blanche Park (and prefer it to Kennedy Park, so keep that in mind!). It’s a small, well-kept doggie park that has astro turf instead of grass, nestled in the middle of the Grove where your pup can run free off leash. The park isn’t divided into large/small dog park because there is no room, so small dogs may not like it if there are many large dogs the day you go, and maybe vice versa. The parking can be tough, so walking there is your best bet.

Where: 3070 Virginia ST, Miami, FL 33133

South Miami:

Small and large dogs can run together off-leash in this cute little park sprinkled with a few obstacles for your pup’s entertainment. There is a gazebo hut, two benches and a water fountain for both pups and their owners, as well as poop bag dispensers and garbage cans. Parking can be challenging, but it’s nice to walk to if you live in the neighborhood!

Where: 6380 SW 78th ST, South Miami, FL 33143

South Pointe Park: Dogs must be leashed at this oceanfront park, but it’s gorgeous. This is the City of Miami Beach’s only off-leash park, but you must bring your pup in on leash, and your dog can be off-leash only at designated hours.

Where: 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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