Brickell Pet Sitter Spotlight: Kesi Land

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Brickell Pet Sitter Spotlight: the fabulous Kesi Land

We have a great team of Brickell pet sitter and dog walkers who are thrilled to be caring for your cats and dogs. Kesi Land is one of our pet enthusiasts, whose hometown was Baltimore, Maryland until she officially made the move to Miami in 2013 to begin her studies at Miami International University of Art & Design for Fashion Merchandising.

Although she enjoyed her creative studies, she felt unsatisfied with her career in retail. Her real passion was animals. But because she couldn’t find a job that didn’t require some sort of degree, Kesi was ready to give up her search. Luckily for Equipaws, she came across our professional pet sitter and dog walker advertisement on Craigslist. She knew it was a fit. “I got to do what I always wanted to do, gain experience with animals which will help me later down the line with my degree, and the hours were flexible,” Kesi says. Plus, she loves the benefit of staying fit while working, a  win-win for Kesi and the Equipaws team!

From Brickell pet sitter to vet tech

Kesi’s devotion for animals has grown since working for Equipaws. She is has transferred schools and is now majoring in Veterinary Medicine to become a Vet Tech. Eventually she plans on completing her Doctorate.

In her spare time, she and her boyfriend are pet parents to two adorable toy poodles, Marley and Riley. She loves being a pup parent and suggests to fellow Moms and Dads, “never cut corners on what you buy for your pets! Always provide quality products and services whether it’s food, toys, treats.” We agree 100% with Kesi when she says, “Check out the ingredients, if there’s something funky in the listing or something you wouldn’t eat yourself then why would you feed it to your furry friend?”

Benny, the most considerate dog in Brickell

As much as she loves her pups, she treasures the bond created with all of the Brickell pets she cares for. One experience has truly touched her heart. The story involves a pup named Benny, who is a loving, older dog but requires special attention as he gets very excited around other dogs. Kesi recently had her wisdom teeth removed and with her enthusiasm for her job, she attempted to come back to work too soon.

She and Benny had a morning walk planned together. “We normally power walk during our time, but he walked slow for me so I wasn’t expending a lot of energy and when we would stop, which I had to do often during the walk, he waited patiently for me to regain strength. He also ignored all other dogs that were out that morning. I was his sole focus and that really meant alot to me.I love the bonds that are made while working with each person’s pet. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Personal dog food recommendations:

Like Equipaws, she is a huge fan of local products and loves Dishes for Dogs, a small business in Miami. All products are organic and homemade and you can find them at the weekly farmers market in Midtown. They also provide a delivery service on the weekends. She is very excited for their first store to open this fall in Wynwood. She does recommend asking what portion size to feed your pup, as you never want to overfeed.

In her downtime Kesi often travels with friends and/or family, spending time with her babies (Mar, Rye, and her boyfriend), playing video games (oftentimes live streaming it), binge watching her favorite TV & anime shows, trying out new foods at a variety of different restaurants, and shopping. She currently resides in West Brickell and loves caring for our clients in the area! We love Kesi’s enthusiasm, passion and willingness to grow and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her career with animals.

We’d be happy to help you book one of our professional Brickell pet sitteror dog walkers. Please email us at or call the office at 305.794.3733. We look forward to taking care of your pets!

Ten Reasons to Hire a Brickell Dog Walker!

dog walker runner Miami pet sitterTen Reasons to Hire a Brickell Dog Walker!

Our dog walkers love Brickell!  In fact, since we’ve expanded our coverage and staff to service Brickell, it has been one of our most rapidly growing areas. We are proud to say that word of a job well done gets around. Our clients love us and there are many reasons why they hired us as their dog walkers. Here are a few that will benefit and resonate with you!

  1. Our employees are all personally trained by owner Flavia Berti. They are all animal lovers who pass a stringent background check to come onto the team, and who are trained in Pet CPR and First Aid. Having employees also means we never cancel last-minute due to personal emergencies!
  2. Our Brickell dog walkers get to know and build relationships with the concierges of your buildings. More likely than not, they already know us!
  3. We practice safe elevator etiquette and are even familiar with most buildings’ more rowdy pups and their owners and are able to avoid confrontations.
  4. We are very familiar with the area and the nice, grassy spots. We know where to take our more social dogs (ONLY if pet parent request social interaction), but we also know where to go to avoid interaction with other dogs and these are our usual routes.
  5. We know where all the poop bag stations are (although we always carry our own biodegradable bags), and have discovered that these are where our fur buddies are most likely to go!
  6. We follow your routine: We listen to any route preferences that our pet parents might have.
  7. Bayfront viewing (and sniffing!): For our clients near Brickell Bay Drive, we keep extra sharp eyes on our more curious friends who like to sniff near the bay!
  8. Our Brickell pet sitters, dog walkers and runners know the area very well. Whether walking, biking, or using the Metromover to get around, we spend a lot of time in the neighborhood and always keep our eyes open for new grassy patches. We know where the two nearest animal hospitals are located in case of any emergencies and have their numbers programmed into our phones as part of company policy.
  9. We practice good leash behavior with all our pup friends to ensure no darting towards other dogs, people, or cars!
  10. We clean up and snuggle: We are happy to change out wee-wee pads for our pups in training and clean up after any accidents so you don’t have to. We end our sessions with play/snuggle time and a treat, if any are provided. We are also happy to crate your pup before we go!

If you are a pet owner in Brickell and considering our services, *schedule your complimentary meet and greet today*! Call us at 305.794.3733 for pressing questions, or sign up for the meet and greet online!