Dog Friendly Parks Coconut Grove

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Dog Friendly Parks, Coconut Grove, FL

After indulging in all that food & drink in the uber dog-friendly Coconut Grove restaurants, you and your furry friend would really benefit from a nice walk! Our pet sitters have enjoyed every park below in their very serious research on dog-fun. Please enjoy these pawsome dog friendly parks in Miami!

The Barnacle Historic State Park:

Between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, The Barnacle is a beautiful and quiet walk you’ll both enjoy! As with all Florida state parks, please be sure your pup is leashed and that you clean up after her. Lush with history, the Barnacle (built in 1891) offers a glimpse into old Florida the second you step into the native hammock that once dominated the area’s landscape. After coming upon Commodore Munroe’s house, there is a vast expanse with shade trees under which you and your pup and sit and take a quiet rest away from the city’s noise. The view of Biscayne Bay from here is absolutely beautiful, so prepare for your zen moment of the day.

Peacock Park:

Known as the “ground zero” of any Coconut Grove festival, Peacock Park is always buzzing with one thing or another – from evening kickball games to children playing after school, this park is always lively. You can enjoy a nice, leisurely, grassy stroll with your pup on your way to Bayside Park. Please be sure to have your poop bags with you and always clean up after your furry pal in this cute, dog friendly park!

Kenneth M. Meyers Bayside Park:

Where McFarlane Road turns into a footpath and gives way to Bayshore Drive, Peacock Park gives way to Meyers Bayside Park. You’ve driven by it before, with its outdoor gym equipment and funny metal giraffe. It’s a nice park to stroll through with your pup. You can look out onto the bay at the boats and, if boats are your thing, you can continue strolling northeast to walk along the marina.

DogPark @ David T. Kennedy Park:

Further northeast up Bayshore Drive is David T. Kennedy Park. Named after a less famous (and probably less scandalous) Kennedy, this park is the home of Coconut Grove’s official dog park, so if Fido is feeling social, this is the place to go! As with most dog parks, Kennedy Park has two separate fenced in areas for larger and smaller dogs. Dog owners can let their dogs roam leash-free to sniff around and make some friends. As with all dog parks, please be aware of your surroundings, your dog’s activities, and surrounding pooches.  Safety first!

Don’t have time to take your pooch to any of these dog friendly parks? Our dog walkers live in Coconut Grove and would be happy to take your pup out for a break, walk, or run!

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Visit Five Dog Friendly Restaurants in Coconut Grove

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Coconut Grove, Part I

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If you’re hungry or thirsty and want the first-rate company of your dog In Coconut Grove, you are in for a huge treat. Coconut Grove seems to have the highest concentration of dog-friendly restaurants in all of Miami-Dade County; so many, in fact, that we had to make this a two-part series for our blog! Beccie, one of our dog sitters, lives there, and shared the inside scoop.


1. LoKal Burgers & Beer: Dog-Friendly with a Twist!

As we’ve written about before, if showing your pooch a nice night on the town is high on your priority list, LoKal is your go-to for dog friendly restaurants in Coconut Grove. There will normally be a bit of a crowd, so while you reserve your place with the hostess, make sure your pup finds the bowls of free upscale treats and complimentary water just outside the door. Don’t let her/him fill up on treats, though! LoKal’s menu has three items especially made for dogs!

But first, for you! LoKal offers incredible appetizers, burgers, veggie options, and yummy desserts (pack-member Beccie is not crazy about Key Lime Pie usually, but she swears by LoKal’s!), all of which are locally sourced. If you’re thirsty, LoKal offers an arsenal of craft beer (again, most selections local) that even the most discerning beer snob would be happy with!

On the Doggy Menu are Marmaduke’s Meatlof and Yeyo’s Chicken & Rice, which are sure to make for an appreciative and loving pup. Wishing you could share that delicious frosty craft beer with Fido? It’s not the best idea, as alcohol is poisonous to pooches, but if you were wondering what that third item on the pup menu was – it’s Bowser Beer! A non-alcoholic beer brewed in Tampa especially for dogs, served over ice and offered up for thirsty pup visitors. Every restaurant should have a doggy menu like LoKal’s, as far as we’re concerned!

Scotty's Landing dog friendly restaurants Coconut Grove

2. Scotty’s Landing:

Feeling like a salty dog? Perhaps Fido will enjoy some of that salty bay air himself! Hit Scotty’s for great drink/beer specials, seafood (in season – particularly stone crab season – you’ll find some choice picks but only if you come early because they will sell out FAST!), bar fare, and live music (at a reasonable volume). Your furry friend will surely make some new pals in this laid-back local’s haven. There is a nice, grassy area just outside where they can catch a break and socialize! Support Scotty’s for the beautiful view, decent prices, and laid-back communal environment as, sadly, the rumor is it won’t last too long.

3. Green Street Cafe:

*Thee* Coconut Grove staple, Green Street Cafe is where to go to see and be seen. This restaurant/bar has been around for 24 years, is open all year round, and is never empty. They have daily specials, a fantastic brunch (with seasonal specialty pancakes!), and are open late hours. Their outdoor seating is ample, so you can bring your Fidos and Fluffies along with you and never worry that you won’t be seated in a reasonable time-frame with your furry companion. Some evenings can be more crowded than others due to weekly drink specials, and a Green Street brunch is always an event, so a wait of half an hour or more should be expected. Once seated, there are lots of people and pups to entertain both people and pups alike!

4. Dog-friendly Lulu:

Across from Green Street and brought to you by the same owner, Lulu also boasts ample outdoor, pet-friendly seating, and also some killer Fried Green Tomatoes! Vegetarians rejoice – you will find some nice options here. If you are coming for brunch, let us recommend the omelettes – ALL OF THEM.


French Bulldog Coconut Grove Florida

5. George’s in the Grove:

You know how sometimes you get that craving for French flair in your food and an over-the-top atmosphere? When that mood strikes, there is only one place in Miami that can satisfy! Leash up your Frenchy and stroll on over to George’s in the Grove! With daily food and drink specials on top of their self-proclaimed “often mysterious” menu, you’ll surely find something to satisfy you. Although having a Frenchy by your side should be satisfying enough, we think ( I mean… just look at him!).

Check back for more dog-friendly restaurants in Coconut Grove. There are quite a few more up the Grove’s sleeve!

Coconut Grove Image by Marc Averette

Adorable French Bull Dog by David Offf, under a Creative Commons License.