Dog-Friendly Brickell Restaurants

dog-friendly Brickell restaurants


Dog-Friendly Brickell Restaurants make Brickell Doggie Paradise!

Your scoop on dog-friendly Brickell Restaurants: we’re dog walkers serving the Brickell area, and we can definitely say that it seems like EVERYONE in Brickell has a dog! The rise of the pooch’s popularity with Brickell residents has prompted many of Brickell’s businesses to get with the times. It is not too much of a stretch for many places, since most smaller bars and restaurants in the Brickell area tend to have a terrace area with outdoor seating. From corner stores to restaurants, the pooch’s presence is, if not openly welcome, at least conveniently overlooked. Our job here, however, is to be official. So here are some places you can expect Fido to feel welcome, straight from your friendly Brickell dog walker:

 Indulge in these Six Dog-Friendly Brickell Restaurants

1. Balans: The Brickell location is no exception from the Lincoln Road or Upper East Side locations – a nice outdoor seating area will accommodate Fido happily so that he doesn’t have to stay cooped up in the condo while you enjoy happy hour or an extended brunch with your pals!

2. OTC: Pairing lovely craft brews with your food is very of-the-now. OTC is all for this. Always carrying a lovely selection of brews and offering small plates to share, this is a fun and indulgent consumption experience! We recommend the truffle mac and cheese, and if you read those words properly, we need say no more! Outdoor seating is great for people and pooch watching, which your pooch enjoys just as much as you do.

3. L’Entrecote de Paris: Boasting a great selection of champagne and wines, a good steak, a raved-about “secret sauce”, lovely desserts, and plenty of Edith Piaf for your ears, this French Bistro is sure to satisfy that “Summer in Paris” nostalgic longing – even if you never spent a Summer in Paris. Bring Fifi – she told us she loves Edith Piaf (and some bits of your steak).

4. Lippi Restaurant: A “New American” restaurant that keeps your plates small and organic. Not unlike OTC, sharing Tapas-style is encouraged. Great cocktails accompany your food. A bit pricey, but by all accounts, the food, service, and ambiance are well worth it. Outdoor seating accommodates your pup.

5. Carol’s Cucina & Vino: This sweet and cozy little place is just lovely, and so is the food and wine selection. An Italian and Brazilian fusion that keeps things simple and tasty, Carol’s is sure to have something to entice your taste buds. All your food will be fresh and delicious, and your dog won’t judge you if you have that extra glass of Malbec, so go ahead.

6. Chophouse 305: Part Steakhouse/Part Sushi Bar, Chophouse reviewers have come to a consensus that the drinks are great and that the Happy Hour boasts delicious specials. Verdict is out on the food, with some folks loving what they order and others, not so much. However, the environment is nice and Fido-friendly outside, so perhaps you might want to try to weigh in on the debate.

Taking Your Dog for a Walk in Brickell?

There are many more dog-friendly Brickell restaurants, and we will have a few more blogs dedicated to more restaurants who are pals of the pooch soon! Our next Brickell blog will be focused on dog-friendly condos & apartment buildings (many of which we service!), so stay tuned!

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Give Your Dogs a Smile!

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Happy Hump Day!

Did you know that dogs can smile? We know because they love, love, love going on dog walks (or runs) with us. Exactly like Buddy, here! He’s a lucky English Lab rescued recently by his awesome mom; she loves him so much she’s hired our dog walkers to run with him not once, but four times a week!

His runs keep him smiling and in great shape, too. If you want your dog to explore and have fun while you’re out working, please give us a call! It means the world to us to make your pets happy.

Here are more photos of our happy, smiling, pet clients!

Miami, Are Your Dogs Ready for Amazing Dog Walkers and Runners?

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We are so excited for 2014! We are hiring truly wonderful dog walkers and dog runners in Miami who are ready and very happy to become our clients’ pups’ friends and companions in great health. We will be introducing them on our staff, Facebook, and Google + pages soon, but rest-assured, these wonderful dog walkers are animal lovers and have completely won over our trust. Your pups will be as happy as Dylan and Winston are with their daily dog walks with dog walker Tom!

We are also happy to be meeting many fellow pet lovers in the community lately. We’re working on a couple of very fun projects, which we will be unveiling in the coming months… stay tuned, because these new offerings will keep your whole family fit, healthy, and happy.

Finally, we are actively searching for the perfect space in which to teach Pet Tech CPR and First Aid to our lovely clients and anyone else who’d like to sign up. Please go ahead and shoot us an email via our contact page if you’re interested in learning life-saving skills and routine, but necessary, first aid procedures. Pet sitter Frankie Berti is a Pet Tech CPR & First Aid instructor and is more than happy to offer classes in order to better your knowledge. Prevention is key in everything; with skills like CPR, best practices in avoiding poisoning, senior care, and dental wellness, your dogs and cats will be in great health for their whole lifetime.