Thanks to Miami Small Businesses!

We had a wonderful time at our Howliday Party at West Elm Dadeland this weekend! Our doggie clients had a chance to meet their pet sitters at this dog-friendly event to raise funds for Paws 4 You Rescue, but they also got to meet other local, dog-related small businesses. These local businesses were a huge part of the gathering’s success. We’d like to tell you a little bit about these Miami based, pet-centric companies, and please be sure to visit their websites to learn more about them!

Miami FLFirst, we must thank West Elm Dadeland for hosting our holiday party and fundraiser for Paws 4 You this Sunday! West Elm has been incredibly generous with dog rescue organizations this year, and with the community in general.Their doors are always open to working with local artists, vendors, and organizations to create a sense of community, and their furniture and home decor is beautiful, too (we always want to buy everything, but especially their dog and cat-themed decorations- so cute!!!). Dogs are always welcome at West Elm, too! Remember to pass by with your pooch for a Santa Paws photo, delicious treats for humans and pups, shopping with Fuji & Friends, dog adoptions, arts and crafts, and more!

Our friends from Cao Chocolates donated a little something sweet for our (human) goody bags for the Holiday Party and also gifted a tray of delicious brownies as they couldn’t be there with us.

artisanal chocolate Miami FL Pinecrest

Cao Chocolates is our favorite place to buy local, artisanal chocolate truffles and fine chocolates of amazing quality. If you need a special gift for your friends, family, business, or yourself- make sure you choose Cao. Visit for information on their location (right here in Pinecrest!) and how to order for the holidays. Make sure to pass by their cozy store to meet Cao and Anelith- they are wonderful, welcoming people happy to talk about their passion- chocolate!

t shirts
Fuji and Friends Apparel Co., Miami’s coolest dog-themed vintage apparel company, not only co-hosted our Howliday Party benefiting Paws 4 You Rescue with us… they also be sold their beautiful shirts!

The Equipaws pack loves the design and the fact that they donate a portion of their proceeds to benefit Paws 4 You and K9 Field Kits Working Dog Fund. Visit their website for more info:, and like their Facebook page at Fuji and Friends!

R & R bake shop Miami FLWe’re happy to share that A Little R & R Bakery added their sweet touch to the party, including goodies like:

*Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies with a twist.
*Cloud Cookies– a Saint Louis speciality! Traditionally called Gooey Butter Cookies, these are cake-like cookies that have a surprisingly light and airy texture.
*Reddies– red velvet cupcakes have received a makeover into a bright red brownie with a cream cheese wave running through the center.
*Almond Blondie-Bows– almond flavored blondies with rainbow sprinkles (usually a crowd favorite!)
*Cookies ‘n Hold the Creams– dairy free Oreo cookies that are light and airy
*Vegan Brownies– dark chocolate vegan brownies made with only 8 ingredients!
*Vanilla Bean Ice Cream– a perfect complement to your baked treats! (don’t worry, calories don’t count on Sunday!).

They will also had peanut-butter pumpkin dog treats available for the furry best friends!

We love their story, as told by owner Lauren Redondo:

“The company is run by both myself and my husband, Marcos. I have been baking since I was a young girl– taught by my mother and grandmothers. My maternal grandmother was the one who taught me the precise science behind baking, while my paternal grandmother was the one who taught me that to cook is to show someone how much you love them.

I began wanting to own my own bakery midway through high school, but it wasn’t until after I married my husband this June that we really decided to begin the bakery. Since I am originally from Saint Louis, many of our recipes have a midwestern origin which we believe is a niche that can be filled in Miami. Marcos is my sous-chef, head-sampler, and packaging professional. He is also currently organizing the financial aspect of our small company.

Some of our favorite ingredients to work with are butter, brown sugar…and butter. But we also have dairy free, sugar free, and vegan items for those who have special dietary needs.”

Dog leashes MiamiWagletWorks Adventure Dog Gear: We were so happy to have Barb bring her hands-free dog gear to the holiday party. She is such a great support to the local rescue community and has an innovative hands-free complete system that helps dog parents spend time with their pooches without stress. The WagletWorks system includes a sturdy and cool leash, poo bags, water bottle holder, water bowl, personal tote, and more. Check out their website and let us know what you think!

Miami FL totes gift bagsThe Sheep Sac joined us this Sunday! They create custom, reusable gift bags for all occasions. We love the product, as we strive to be “green” and responsible in everything we do. Their totes are beautiful and we love that you can choose the theme. Get your holiday reusable totes now! Visit the Sheep Sac’s Facebook page for orders.

Dog Friendly Spaces in Miami: Lokal Burgers and Beer

dog friendly restaurant in Miami

Are there any dog-friendly restaurants in Miami?

Why, yes! Miami is full of dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and venues! Just this week, pet sitters and dog walkers Flavia and Frankie Berti were enjoying lunch at Lokal Burgers and Beer in Coconut Grove in between pet sits and dog runs and discovered that Lokal not only puts out fresh doggy biscuits and water for passersby, but they have a dedicated Doggy Menu, complete with non-alcoholic beer for the more discerning canine!

Dogs Will Dig It: Doggy Menu at Lokal Burgers and Beer

The restaurant had Equipaws Pet Services at the free doggy biscuits, but looking further into its workings reveals even more impressive details. The doggy menu has three options for your pet, sure to please even your more finicky eater. Check out these tasty treasures on the menu…

1. Chichi Get the Meatloaf: “Homemade meatloaf made with egg, wheat bran, oregano and tomato puree. Comes with an after dinner breath mint. $5.”

2. Yeyo’s Chicken & Rice: “Grilled Florida chicken, cut and mixed with brown rice, carrots, and peas. Served with an after dinner breath mint. $5.”

3. Bowser Beer: “Non-Alcoholic beer, served over ice, made in Tampa especially for dogs. $6.”

We’re dying to bring our dogs! The human-approved options are just as good (check out the chicken and waffles, below!). And, best of all, not only is their meat local, it’s grown humanely, it’s grass-fed, and sustainable. Lokal is also the only restaurant in all of Miami to be powered exclusively by clean wind and solar power provided by Pear Energy. We love Lokal’s passion for local, sustainable proteins, produce, and energy! This rings true to Equipaws’ belief in being as environmentally aware and proactive as possible in our industry, which is why we only use biodegradable doggy bags, and why our website is hosted by the clean and green Acorn Host, powered by solar and wind power as well.

The whole restaurant seems to be made out of recycled goodies. Cork board art, the tables are made from recycled wood chips, and their chairs are a collection of cast-offs from other restaurants. The greenest item is one that’s already been made… so Lokal has this right!

It feels great to support a local restaurant with a heart and a conscience… and which clearly loves dogs. Equipaws gives this restaurant four pawprints of approval! So, will you be taking your dog to Lokal this weekend? Or do you have another favorite spot for you and your pooch? Let us know in the comments, below!



Do Dogs, Pet Sitters, and Yoga Mix? Heck Yes!

Join Miami’s Pet Sitters and their Dogs for DOGA!

We are always looking to expand our dog clients’ playtime horizons in Miami. That’s where dogs, pet sitters, and yoga come in! We invite you to join us for DOGA this Saturday, May 11, at Corpo Yoga Studio in South Miami for an afternoon session of calming yoga. What is DOGA, you ask? It’s your dog + yoga, a fun way to enhance our canine-human bond while practicing yoga.

We are happy to have joined forces with the lovely Corpo Yoga Studio and Miami Pet Concierge to put on this great event for Miami’s dogs from 1:30 to 2:30. In addition to being a great way to practice your downward dog, all of the proceeds will be donated to the United Yorkie Rescue in Miami, FL. The minimum suggested donation is $10; you may certainly donate more! The United Yorkie Rescue works tirelessly to save, foster, and adopt out Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkshire Terrier mixes in South Florida. They’ve taken in almost 70 dogs in 2013 so far, which is wonderful, but also means they need funds to continue caring for these beautiful little dogs.

If you’re interested, please call 305.670.2010 to register or register online at Corpo Yoga Studio’s website.  Free parking is available for this event, so please come! There will also be photo opportunities for you and your sporty dog, thanks to Natali Robert, fabulous photographer and owner of Nati Foto. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes early for a short pack walk so your furkids can eliminate and get to know each other.

The details:

  • This is for adults only.
  • It’s limited to one dog per person.
  • Please bring your own mat.
  • Your dog must be friendly with other dogs and be comfortable in close surroundings with other dogs.
  • Please check with your veterinarian before you practice Doga to be sure your pet is healthy enough for the activity.
  • All dogs must be up to date on their vaccines and provide proof of Rabies.
  • We really look forward to seeing all of you there. Make sure to call Corpo Yoga to sign up, and thank you!

Beautiful downward dog pose by Piddleville.

Event flyer: