Dog Walkers Help Beat the Doggy Back-to-School Blues

beat the doggy back to school blues

Dog Walkers Help Dogs Beat the Back-to-School Blues

Your pups have played with you and the kids all day this summer, but with school starting their happy routine grinds to a halt and pivots back to hectic school schedules. This means many changes for your dogs, who go from being with you all day to being left to a quiet, lonely house for long stretches at a time. Dogs can suffer from such drastic changes in routine- especially those who have anxiety issues, which is why our dog walkers are ready to help with these tips for beating the back-to-school blues.

Prepare for the Back-to-School Dog Blues

If your kids are going back to school, be prepared for howling, barking, or whining (70 percent of anxious dogs), destroying objects (60 percent) and maybe having accidents (30 percent). Sometimes anxiety, fueled by inner fears or exterior noises like storms, will lead to dogs destroying doors, blinds, and curtains in their frenzy. According to Dr. Nick Dodman of Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic, “There will be an exuberant greeting when you do come home, one that can last several minutes and be completely crazy, then the dog will run to the food bowl.”

Tips on Relieving Dog Anxiety

There are ways you can smooth the transition between the dog days of summer and the back-to-school blues, including:

  • Giving pups treats and toys when you leave,
  • Playing down departures and arrivals,
  • Creating a safe space in your home where they can rest comfortably and happily,
  • Practicing your new routine with your dog instead of abruptly heading to school,
  • Enlisting the help of dog walkers to break up the monotony of long days.

The above tips work well for dogs without severe anxiety. If your dog suffers from severe anxiety, it’s important to get to perform independence training, where you discourage them from following you around the house all day. While it’s comforting for both you and your pet, letting them stay by your side all day is ultimately detrimental to your pet’s mental health as it may create too much dependence. Teach them how to stay alone in one room while you’re in another. If you’re having trouble, contact a reputable dog trainer like Applause Your Paws for help with your independence training. Dogs with severe cases of anxiety may need help from their veterinarian.

Miami Dog Walkers and Runners to the Rescue!

As caring animal lovers, we want your dogs to feel comfortable when you leave home. We’re happy that we can be of service to dogs who would otherwise stay home alone all day. You can get your dog much-needed exercise and play to brighten their day by hiring one of our professional dog walkers.

Dog Walking and Running Services

  • Our dog walks start at 25 minutes a day and are completely customizable to your dog’s specific needs. For example, it costs just $22 for 25 minutes of fun, relief, and exploration. You can schedule your dog walker a couple of times a week to uplift your pup’s spirits and gives them the movement, exercise, companionship, and relief they need.
  • Running is the great exercise for energetic breeds (we have a couple Catahoulas, Labs, Goldendoodles and Pointers in mind!). While many dogs enjoy a nice walk, some get a bigger kick out of our “Fit Pups” option, which involves our dog walkers riding their bikes with one of your pups for a good 20 to 30 minutes, depending on what your dog likes. We have a few clients who live by this, especially working breeds, those who go on long runs with their parents, and those with behavior issues.

Please contact us to get your dog’s exercise routine off the ground at 305.794.3733 or at We look forward to giving your pets exactly what they need to live fit, healthy, and happy lives!

Brickell Miami Dog Walkers

Dog Runner Dog Walker Miami

Welcome from our dog walkers in Brickell, Miami! Our professional team is ready to keep your dog fit, healthy,and happy with walks, runs, and midday breaks while you’re at work in a fun and SAFE way!

Why Choose Equipaws’ Dog Walking Services in Brickell, Miami?

Thinking about hiring a dog walker? When deciding on whether to hire a dog walker or not, you should really consider investing in your dog if any of the following apply to you:

  • You work 8 or more hours a day and can’t take your dog out for a break
  • You’re a parent to an active breed, like a Vizsla, Pointer, or Shepherd cooped up in an apartment all day
  • Your dog is getting a little thick around the middle
  • You’ve brought home a new puppy who needs potty training
  • Your senior dog is having trouble holding it as long as usual
  • You’re committed to your dog’s health and happiness!

Every dog deserves a fun break during the day! Walks or runs for the more active pet not only allow relief from holding it 8 hours- the exercise does their body and spirit good!

What Can You Expect from Equipaws Dog Walkers?

In the name of wholesome fun, we make sure to take all precautions necessary to ensure a safe yet entertaining walking or running session. You can count on us to focus our undivided attention on your dogs while out.

Call us at 305-794-3733 , contact us through Power Pet Sitter for your complimentary initial consultation, or EMAIL US with your questions!

New clients in Brickell receive one week free after scheduling one month of recurring visits! (Free week equal to recurring week’s value).

We give individualized pet sitting services, including:

  • One client, one dog walker or pet sitter.
  • response to all inquiries within 24 business hours
  • ready availability when You need it!
  • photo updates via social media or email
  • Convenient online scheduling through Power Pet Sitter
  • Visa and MasterCard credit card payments accepted
  • licensed, bonded, and insured pet care professionals
  • emergency plans in place for hurricane season
  • staff trained in proper walking techniques for heat, rain, and good leash skills
  • dog walkers all trained in pet CPR & First aid

Dog Friendly Parks in Brickell:

Pet owners in Brickell take their friendly dogs to socialize in at Brickell Key Park and the Promenade, and Bayfront Park. Your dogs can enjoy breathtaking the views (and scents) of Downtown Miami, Key Biscayne, and the Port of Miami. This is a family and pedestrian-friendly environment, perfect for lazy strolls, fun runs, and space for playing catch. Just be sure to pick up after your pooches and you’ll fit right in!

You can see our dog walkers enjoying beautiful Brickell any day of the week… we love to meet new pups and cats (although we have yet to see a kitty on a leash!). From professional dog walkers and pet sitters (ahem), to many dog-friendly events, these beautiful neighborhoods have it all. We look forward to hearing from you! Call us today at 305-794-3733 with any questions. We look forward to meeting you and your pets!

Ten Reasons to Hire a Brickell Dog Walker!

dog walker runner Miami pet sitterTen Reasons to Hire a Brickell Dog Walker!

Our dog walkers love Brickell!  In fact, since we’ve expanded our coverage and staff to service Brickell, it has been one of our most rapidly growing areas. We are proud to say that word of a job well done gets around. Our clients love us and there are many reasons why they hired us as their dog walkers. Here are a few that will benefit and resonate with you!

  1. Our employees are all personally trained by owner Flavia Berti. They are all animal lovers who pass a stringent background check to come onto the team, and who are trained in Pet CPR and First Aid. Having employees also means we never cancel last-minute due to personal emergencies!
  2. Our Brickell dog walkers get to know and build relationships with the concierges of your buildings. More likely than not, they already know us!
  3. We practice safe elevator etiquette and are even familiar with most buildings’ more rowdy pups and their owners and are able to avoid confrontations.
  4. We are very familiar with the area and the nice, grassy spots. We know where to take our more social dogs (ONLY if pet parent request social interaction), but we also know where to go to avoid interaction with other dogs and these are our usual routes.
  5. We know where all the poop bag stations are (although we always carry our own biodegradable bags), and have discovered that these are where our fur buddies are most likely to go!
  6. We follow your routine: We listen to any route preferences that our pet parents might have.
  7. Bayfront viewing (and sniffing!): For our clients near Brickell Bay Drive, we keep extra sharp eyes on our more curious friends who like to sniff near the bay!
  8. Our Brickell pet sitters, dog walkers and runners know the area very well. Whether walking, biking, or using the Metromover to get around, we spend a lot of time in the neighborhood and always keep our eyes open for new grassy patches. We know where the two nearest animal hospitals are located in case of any emergencies and have their numbers programmed into our phones as part of company policy.
  9. We practice good leash behavior with all our pup friends to ensure no darting towards other dogs, people, or cars!
  10. We clean up and snuggle: We are happy to change out wee-wee pads for our pups in training and clean up after any accidents so you don’t have to. We end our sessions with play/snuggle time and a treat, if any are provided. We are also happy to crate your pup before we go!

If you are a pet owner in Brickell and considering our services, *schedule your complimentary meet and greet today*! Call us at 305.794.3733 for pressing questions, or sign up for the meet and greet online!