Miami Local Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Cats

Christmas presents for dogs and cats

Miami’s Best Holiday Gift Guide for Pets: Include your dogs and cats in the holiday fun this year!

We’ve asked our dog walkers and cat sitters to contribute their ideas of a perfect holiday present for your dogs and cats this holiday. There are many options online, of course, but we’re partial to supporting fellow local, small businesses making it happen in Miami. Miami has plenty of great companies ready to supply the perfect gift for your pet. Read on for our fab finds!

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1. Pooch Perks- dog treats and toys in Miami: is a monthly treat and toy box for pups based in South Florida. The company seems to source the items in the USA, and the owners test each treat and toy on their 7 dogs. It’s very popular, up and coming, and a very cool gift for the nice (ok, and even naughty) dogs in your life.  The treats are made in the United States and are mostly Natural, Organic, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free (even the pups have jumped on that bandwagon!). The treats are so natural and healthy that they’re safe for human consumption, according to the company website. We love that they do their best to source their treats from socially-aware companies. The toys are another great perk, as all toys are tested for fun, safety, and durability by the owner’s five large dogs and are held to the same standards of safety as children’s toys. You can purchase the subscription online at:

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2. Pet’s Best: If you’re located closer to the south of Miami, Pet’s Best is the boutique for you. Owner Billy and his employees specialize in personalized service and great insight into your pups’ and kitties’ needs. A veterinarian friend of ours once told us ” you can pay more for food now or more in vet bills later.” The impending New Year is the perfect time to invest in great, quality food and your pets’ health. Lucky for you, Pet’s Best is running a Christmas sale on treats, supplements, and food the whole month of December, including quality treats from Fromm and Primal, and Weruva dog food. Kitties are included in the action with specials on Nature’s Logic and Raw2.

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3. MyDog: Our pups love bath time at MyDog! The friendly staff and delicious suds (ask for the blueberry face mask) are a huge part of the appeal. Located in Pinecrest, MyDog offers pick ups for those within a certain area, as well as cute custom-made dog beds, chic collars and leashes, and an assortment of spa products for your pampered pooch. Gift cards are available!

Miami doggie menu

4. Date night with your pooch at Lokal Burgers and Beer! Recently voted as the top restaurant in Coconut Grove, Lokal offers a delicious dog-friendly menu in addition to putting out fresh doggy biscuits and water for doggie passersby, as well as non-alcoholic beer so your pooch can join you in toasting to life, love, and health! We love that this restaurant provides tasty meals for our four-legged compadres and comadres, and are also thrilled with their dedication to sourcing food locally and to sustainable energy use. Try them out and let us know what you think!

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5. Donating to a dog or cat rescue: Does your pet have everything s/he needs? Many people take the holidays as a time to give to those less fortunate than they are. Maybe your dog and cat want you to support a local rescue this year! There are so many animals in need in Miami, and many deserving animal rescues. We’ve included a list of local rescues that would greatly appreciate donations!

5 Last-Minute, Local Pet Valentine’s Day Gifts!

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and we know many of you are scrambling for a last-minute pet Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones, or worse… completely forgot that your dogs and cats love getting gifts, too! No worry- we have five wonderful, LOCAL gift options for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for the furry kids and humans in your life. We love all of these local, small businesses dearly and regularly refer our beloved clients to them for professional pet services, fine food, and pet gifts (and, shameless self-promotion since we’re including ourselves- we think we’re quality, as well!). We think your pets will be very pleased with these, so without further ado, your five local go-to’s for a great Miami Valentine’s Day!

1. A Day at the Spa with My Dog

Is your sweetheart wild about her dog? Give her pup a spa day with a MyDog gift certificate! MyDog is based in Pinecrest and is well-known for their wonderful staff and relaxing atmosphere. Your dog’s grooming experience begins the moment he walks in, so there is no waiting. Each dog is personally fluff dried by their groomer, and given lavish hugs, love, and treats (with parent approval). Our favorite parts? The delicious blueberry facial, which leaves your dog smelling divine, and the beautiful staff. They make pups and parents feel welcome with their hospitality and attention to service! Finally, they offer a pick-up service within a certain area free of charge. Call today: 305.298.5538

2. Cao Chocolates-this one’s for the pet parents!

We cannot recommend Cao Chocolates enough. It is our family’s favorite place for chocolate in Miami- heck, the whole of the United States! This place is a wonderland for humans. Owners Cao and Anelith craft their artisanal chocolate with love daily, creating new combinations to please all palates. Their cacao confections (fair trade, from Venezuela) are made in small batches to order and can be hand-delivered to your beloved. Our favorite are the passion fruit chocolate bonbon and the spiced, salted caramel bonbon. Call today:305.603.9747

3. Training with Applause Your Paws!

A fun Valentine’s Day gift to show your pups some love, buy them fun classes at Applause Your Paws! We are thrilled with Applause Your Paws’ service. Owner Dee recently opened her indoor dog training facility after years of success with positive dog training, and it’s a great place for a pup to be! The center is ann 8,000 square foot dog-training facility right by Tropical Park, perfect for agility training, obedience classes (private or group), play dates, board and train, and more! They always have something new and interesting happening on the weekend, from dog play dates to specialized classes for specific breeds, all with positive reinforcement techniques. We highly recommend them! Call: (786) 529-7833

4. Natural K9’s Delicious Offerings

Located Delicious baked treats are the quickest way to your pet’s heart, especially from Natural K9 Supplies. They are dedicated to high quality, natural ingredients in their dog, cat, and bird food, and sell everything from food, to toys, treats, supplements and biking accessories. We think the DoggyRide Original Dog Bike Trailer is a great gift for active pet parents who want to take their pups along for their bike rides. Best of all, well-behaved dogs are allowed in the store, so take them along to choose their own Valentine’s Day gift!Call toll-free: 1-877-284-0350

And as of this writing, they are offering a BOGO deal for Zuke’s Genuine Jerky Treats. Snap them up for your pups!

5. Gift Certificate from Equipaws Pet Services (a gift for pets and their parents!)

Give your dog the gift of exercise this Valentine’s Day! We offer gift certificates for all of our services. Dog walking is especially popular because so many of our clients can’t make it home midday to let their waiting dogs out. Dogs love us because it’s fun company in the middle of an otherwise boring day. They get to sniff and explore, relieve themselves (you know how uncomfortable holding it for hours is- imagine your poor dog!), and they get snuggles and a pet-approved treat! You can also buy a gift certificate for cat sitting, pet sitting, and our overnight stay services. Call us today to purchase the gift certificate: 305.794.3733.
We hope this helps! Let us know how you spend your Valentine’s Day, below!
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Spoil Your Dogs and Cats on Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of the year again!  With Valentine’s Day approaching, we hope you’re taking advantage of the opportunity and making big plans to show your pets how much you love them!


La Jeune Tulipe Diamond Dog Pet Collar

…Within reason, of course.


We all know full well that no one loves us like our pets do.  From nudging our hands off of our keyboards with their snouts, and onto their heads for petting with one smooth motion, to curling up silently beside us when we are having a bad day, our pooches and kitties have countless ways to show us that they really love and appreciate us and the things we do for them.  This Valentine’s Day, while you think up ways to show your partner, children, friends, and co-workers a little love, make sure you don’t forget to think up a way to show your fur buddies that you love them!


If you won’t be spending the evening at home with the ones who love you unconditionally and above all, give us at Equipaws a call, and we’ll be sure their loving ways are enjoyed and appreciated.


Here at Equipaws, your pets are what really make our hearts beat, and we pounce on any chance we get to show them just how much we love them!


Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Cats or Dogs.


There are great choices for pet/human bonding in Miami!
  • Local Groomer MyDog sells designer collars with delicate charms from the fashionable FouFou Dog Collection, a sweet gift for the little furry lady or gentleman in your life.
  • If you’re looking for something for your larger dog to sink his teeth into, head over to Animal Crackers in Downtown Miami! They have an awesome selection of organic, grain-free treats for cats and dogs.
  • Want to take your dog on a date? Head over to our favorite sustainable and dog-friendly burger joint, LoKal Burgers and Beer. Your pooch can indulge in a dog-friendly beer while you enjoy a local craft brew, and then dig into great nosh from LoKal’s doggy menu!
Feel like taking a little break from it all with Fido for the romantic holiday? We understand. So does the Topnotch Resort in Vermont! You and your pooch can have a “date-with-my-doggie getaway,” the perfect setting for a cute doggie/human bonding session… including breakfast in bed and lots of dog-friendly trails!


For our feline friends, however, we think this might win for our favorite pet gift of 2014:


Schnabuble  for purchase. Great cat costume! Cat armor


Order Etsy seller Schnabuble ‘s Cat Battle Armor. Cats + armor= UNSTOPPABLE, so purchase at your peril! Made by hand of leather, this armor will be custom-made for your cat (nothing says “I love you” more than bespoke items)… and can also be ordered for your dog, rabbit, turtle, or other pet. Your imagination and wallet are the limit!

Of course, if you feel like getting away yourself, please contact your favorite pet sitters: 305-794-3733. We will be happy to care for your pets while you have a romantic night in the Magic City!

What are you planning on buying your pet? Tell us in the comments, below!