Happy Professional Pet Sitters Week!

Happy Professional Pet Sitters Week

The teen next door, the stranger you hire online, or the person you heard about through the grapevine may be a quick and easy solution for your pet sitting needs. But, is quick and easy the kind of care you really want for your beloved pets? When you go away for the weekend or your pet requires an impromptu pet visit during the day, you want your pet to get the undivided attention and top notch care they deserve. That’s where professional pet sitters come in! Each year, during the first week of March we celebrate Professional Pet Sitters Week! We honor those who devote much of their lives to caring for others and their pets, including our very own dedicated team of animal caretakers.

We at Equipaws pride ourselves on the devoted, professional pet sitters who make up our family! Unlike many other pet sitting apps and companies with independent contractors, our sitters are hand selected and extensively trained to provide your pets with the highest quality of care. If your dog needs long walks, or your cat needs a midday play date, or your pets need an overnight cuddle session our pet sitters are ready with their leashes in hand, toy mice in palm, or their arms stretched out wide. We love what we do. 

Equipaws sitters take the time to not only learn about your pets wants and needs. We want to help you worry less when you are away and make you happy when you come home to well-cared-for animals. They will scoop the litter box when it is dirty and they will brush your dog’s coat when it gets tangled. They will play fetch in the backyard until your pup gets tired and they will pet your kitties until they decide they prefer catnip and a sunny nap. Your family quickly becomes part of our family!

So, whether you are already a member of our Equipaws family or looking to be in the future, take the time this week to appreciate all the professional pet sitters out there! Professionals are committed to excellence- which includes training, keeping insurance and bonding,proper local permits,  using a pet sitting service contract, and more. Celebrate the people who dedicate their lives to bringing pure joy and bliss to your pets- the wonderful people who are elated by a wagging tail and a purring kitten at their heels. If you have a professional dog walker in your life, let them know you appreciate all they do for you and your furbaby and, if you don’t, Equipaws Is just a phone call away! Call today and set up a meet and greet. Open your doors to us and we will open our hearts to you!


Happy Pet Sitters Appreciation Week!

Happy Pet Sitters Appreciation Week!

It’s the 23rd annual Professional Pet Sitters week, a time in which we celebrate our employees’ positive qualities- offering reliable, professional, loving care to our clients’ pets, being great team players, and generally excellent people. We are in our sixth year of business and our team has grown to include so many wonderful animal lovers committed to quality in this rewarding profession. While pet sitting is as fun as you’d expect (who wouldn’t love spending hours of their day playing fetch, rubbing bellies, scratching chins and wiggly butts?), Equipaws takes its pet care seriously, and so do our employees.  Our pet sitters provide reliable care, work in teams in their respective neighborhoods so they can back each other up, attend pet care training (including Pet CPR & First Aid, leash work, how to deal with dog attacks), and more.
Thanks to Kira, Kristen, Mike, Leigh, Sam, Kara, Kat, Natalie, Kesi, Jake, Susan, Nicolle, Ashley, Elaine, and Sophia for their daily hard work and service! Our company only exists because of the loving, hard work you put in every day of the week. We know that working during holidays and when you could be vacationing takes a special kind of commitment, and we certainly appreciate it. You’re rock starts and the reason we can keep providing the amazing care we do for our hundreds of clients. We love you!

Flying with Your Dog: Tips for a Great Trip!

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How to Fly with Your Dog in the United States

Pre-Flight Pet Prep

Congratulations, you’ve read our first blog post on flying with your dog and have now booked the perfect ticket! Your next step is to prep your pets mentally and emotionally for the flight, especially if it’s their airplane debut. First, take them to the vet at least 7-10 days before your departure date. Ensure that all of your pet’s immunizations and vaccinations are up to date and that you have enough medication, if necessary, for your pet during the vacation. If your vet determines that it is medically necessary for your dog to be sedated during travel make sure you have the proper dosage and amount for the trip. Feel free to ask your personal veterinarian for recommendations or research for a vet that is in close proximity to your final destination in case of emergency, or use the Pet Saver App’s animal hospital locator.

When selecting your pet’s first class accommodations a few things need to be taken into consideration:

  1. Prepare your pet: let them have a chance to get to know the crate prior to the trip
  2. Crate should be as tall as your pet’s shoulders. They will be comfortable as long as they have room to turn around and lie down.
  3. Make sure the crate is properly ventilated and meets airline requirements.
  4. Crate must be labeled “Live Animal” with distinct arrows indicating the top and bottom of the crate.
  5. Crate should be identified with your pet’s name, any medications they took prior to flight, owner’s information and destination information.
  6. Make sure that the crate has extra food attached with empty bowl and leash in carrier in case of flight delays.

Communication with the airline is the key to ensuring that your pet has the smoothest trip possible. Reconfirm with your airline 24-48 hours in advance that you will be traveling with a pet. If you have a larger pet when you arrive at the airport let the airline employees know once again that you have a pet in cargo and if the flight is delayed for an extensive period of time, ask if you will be allowed to check on your pet. Also, locate the pet relief areas so that your buddies can relieve themselves before check-in and after arrival at your final destination.

Finally, on the day of the trip make sure that you have everything listed on the puppy pack list outlined below, is wearing a collar with an ID tag that is up to date, durable, legible, includes your mobile number and destination information.  You should feed and give your pet water 4 hours prior to check-in to decrease the chance of digestion issues in transit. Bow-wow voyage!