It’s Pet First Aid Awareness Month!

Do your pet sitters know pet first aid?

April is Pet First Aid Awareness month, a very important way to promote education and training to become a caring, responsible pet parent and pet care professional!  We at Equipaws are proud to be trained in Pet Tech Pet CPR and First Aid’s thorough course and are committed to Pet Tech’s theme for this year: “Inform, Educate, Take Action, AND…Prevent 1 Million Pet ER Visits.”

We strongly believe in prevention; being a prepared pet parents means being proactive in your pet’s health. This includes feeding them the right foods, giving them regular dental and medical care, providing safe outlets for play and appropriate exercise routines, training, socializing, and being trained in pet CPR and first aid.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being prepared with the skills and knowledge to eliminate preventable accidents is very important. We have many blog posts about basic first aid and prevention available to you, from:

Knowing how to perform proper pet CPR and other first aid measures can be the difference between life and death and temporary and permanent disability. Our pet sitters are all trained in Pet Tech’s protocols for pet first aid and CPR, so you can rest easy while your pets are in our care! We look forward to sharing what we’ve learned through years of caring for pets and what we’ve learned from our training and continuing education.

Your Dog Would Never Bite Your Child or Your Pet Sitter, Right?

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Our pet sitters know a lot about dogs, cats, and the myriad of endearing little animals we care for throughout Miami, but we constantly seek additional education in our field. Pet sitters Flavia Berti and Tom Wyss attended the Dog Bite Investigation Seminar sponsored by No Kill Nation, Inc. and the Miami Coalition Against Breed-Speicific Legislation on April 25, 2013.


They heard from expert Jim Crosby, a retired lieutenant and dog trainer who spoke to police about what they do and how they assess certain situations when there are dogs involved in crime scenes, in dog bites, or alleged dog attacks and fatalities. Flavia and Tom took away two main messages from Mr. Crosby: every dog can and will bite if in pain or provoked, and the importance of education and responsible pet ownership in preventing dog bites.

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