Pinecrest Groomer Spotlight: Best in Show Pet Spa


Pinecrest Groomer Spotlight: Best in Show Pet Spa

Animal Enthusiast Tess Oliver is the owner and groomer for Best in Show Pet Spa, a mobile Grooming Business serving the greater Miami Area. Growing up as an animal lover, her grooming career did not blossom until she became a grooming assistant in 2011. Working for many different salons, taking tips from each one and perfecting her techniques she knew this was her calling.

Tess’s Grooming Background: Tess appreciated how the salons she worked in made each dog feel spectacular and how a spa day could transform their look and happiness. Referring to the groomers she said, “They were artists and magicians, and after a short time of working with them I wanted nothing more than to be that, too.”

In 2014 Tess took matters into her hands and began her own business with a few loyal and lovable clients in her home grooming salon. We can tell Tess is passionate and committed to her career as she says “grooming should be an enjoyable part of every dog’s life. I wanted to create an atmosphere where every visit is completely catered to each dog, with gentle, all-natural products, relaxing aromatherapy, and an endless supply of kisses.” We couldn’t agree more!

This was the beginning of Best in Show Pet Spa as she took her skills on the road with a Mobile grooming van. “While my mission hasn’t changed, I am absolutely ecstatic to be able to offer all of my fur-babies and their parents my premium service right in their driveway!” Tess is now on a journey to make every dog feel like a champion.

Services Offered:

  • Bath & Tidy
  • Bath & Groom

Premium Add-ons:

  • Mud bath
  • De-shedding Treatment
  • Flea and Tick Treatment (if necessary)
  • Creative Grooming (Feather Fur Extensions, Coloring & Fur-Dazzling)

Both standard services include: a blueberry facial, shampoo & conditioner that is best suited for dog, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail clipping, nail filing, and aromatherapy. Depending on the pets need, they will receive a medicated bath or hypoallergenic rinse.

All grooming services are provided by Tess Oliver and her husband, Faress Hattar. You can visit for more details and pricing on these services.


Tess loves creating a perfect look for your pet. “We are able to work with you to create a cute, original look for your pup. Whether you are looking for an easy maintenance haircut, or an Asian Fusion style groom, we’ve got it covered!” Tess means business, this is not your standard fur trim or bath time!

Best in Show Pet Spa caters to a large area including Pinecrest, South Miami, Kendall, Miami Lakes, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, & Plantation.

How to Schedule:

Tess requires each client “to be on a 2, 4, 6, or 8 week grooming schedule to ensure that the pups not only look their best, but FEEL their best”. You can contact Best in Show Pet Spa by phone or text at 786-208-0155. You must schedule a minimum of one week in advance.

First time clients need to register online and Tess will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your grooming needs. Keep in mind, Tess does not give a provide a  quote until inspection of the pet. As stated on her website, “It is very difficult to give a quote without assessing the dog in person. Pricing depends on which services you would like performed on your pet, the condition of the coat, as well as the behavior of the pet.”


  • 70 lb weight limit
  • Does not service aggressive pets
  • Does not service dogs with fleas/ticks

Tess’s Grooming and Cleanliness Tips:

How can you keep your pup in tip top shape between grooming sessions? Tess says, “Puppy wipes are a fantastic way to keep paws, booties, and short-haired pups fresh between visits.”

If you are looking for a bit more maintenance, Tess suggests the following: “For dog’s with some fluffy, it’s important to own a slicker brush as well as a greyhound comb—and use them!! First, fluff out your furry friend with a brush. Then, comb the pup nose-to-tail. Make sure you begin at the base of the hair so you don’t miss any tangles!” A fabulous tip!

How to Prepare a Nervous Dog for Grooming

Do you have a shy or nervous pup who has never been groomed before? For first timers Tess suggest an electric toothbrush! “It might sound a little silly, but an electric toothbrush is a great way to condition puppies & first timers to the feeling of clippers & scissors on their body. Every day, turn on the toothbrush and “brush” their cute little noses, their ears, their paws—even their tails! If you start them young, they’ll probably even catch them snoozing!” That is experience talking; we love the creativity behind this all star tip.

Pro Dog Grooming Product Suggestions:

“We absolutely LOVE Espree’s Blueberry Facial, which is why it is the only thing we will use on a dog’s face.” It is tear-free, soap-free, and 100% natural. Tess and Farrah have even tested the product themselves, what dedication! The Blueberry Facial smells great, is gentle exfoliator, whitens, and prevents tear-staining.

Also, she recommends Espree’s Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath, which leaves the skin and coat soft, shiny, and moisturized. To top off the list of products are their essential-oils. She says, “No spa day is complete without the aroma of Lavender to soothe the pups.” All products Best in Show Pet Spa uses are eco-friendly, all-natural, cruelty-free products.

The next time your dog needs a pawsome new look, call Best in Show Pet Spa. Treat your dog to a well deserved day of luxury!


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